Soon time to return to the “Red Shed” Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Trail

During the summer months a little shed on the Shoreline Heritage Trail in Bay Roberts is host to thousands of tourist every year. The fishermen’s shed was even kept busy during the pandemic, we just has to keep everyone outside in the fresh Atlantic air.

Sundays, during the summer months, the site is used for a weekly event called “Toutons and Tunes”. This event takes place every Sunday afternoon and profiles the music, food , culture and destination of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. Tasty fried dough, smoked capelin (tiny dried fish) and a drop of strawberry “clingy” , Purity Syrup (which is mixed with water) are all part of the experience while listening to local musicians play fiddle and guitar with the rugged beauty of the coast of Conception Bay as the backdrop.

Over the past three years we have had the pleasure of hosting a couple tours a week from McCarthy’s Party Tours!! These vans bring people from all over the world to our trail and shed.

I would like to thank Boyd Snook for allowing us to use his families shed, it permits us to tell the story of our past way of life.

For further information on the Shoreline Heritage Trail and Toutons and Tunes please visit or call 709-683-6377

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