How About That Wayfinding Signage for the Baccalieu Coastal Drive?

A few years ago I wrote about my trip across Newfoundland and noticing all the directional- informational signage for each region, with the exception of the Baccalieu Coastal Drive (formally known as the Baccalieu Trail).
As I stated in the blog at the time I applaud the other regions for having Wayfinding signage, good for them!!

But in this time of a tourism reboot and COME HOME YEAR 2022!! our business community needs us more than ever. I also applaud the provincial government for launching the Come Home Year program and spreading much needed dollars all over the province. We have many lures to bring people to the province and they are working. We are all designing events to celebrate our heritage, through song, stories, dance and of course food. All of which will be welcomed and well attended, but for the people on the Baccalieu, just one more thing is needed, proper gateway signage. We want to be noticed just as much as any other destination in our beautiful province. Our story is “Legendary” and needs to be told. Appropriate signage at both gateways will lead locals and tourists to a treasure trove of delights.

The Baccalieu is one of the most historical regions in the province. How about this>>>>We have historical connections to John Cabot, Peter Easton, John Guy, Amelia Earhart , Capt. Bob Barlett , Winston Churchill, FDR, writers Ted Russell and David French, Wooden Boat Museum, Rorke Store , Grates Cove, Walking Trails, Beaches ,National and Provincial historic sites!! What an amazing place to visit. “We all have a story to tell” Signage is KEY, and we need it .

All these signs below are well placed and deserved, its time our region gets ours. Please mention this oversight to your mayor or MHA and lets get this fixed once and for all before the start of Come Home Year. Our region, businesses and economy deserve that much.

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