Saturday Baked Beans

Slow cooked baked beans has been a staple in the Delaney and Hurdle households for generations. There is something simply amazing about a home with baked beans slowly cooking , the aroma is lovely.
We all have our recipes and most are similar , but have a special loving touch to make them a family tradition.

I just received a message from an old friend who asked my for my recipe, I was happy to oblige and passed it on.
If you are looking to give this recipe a try , go for it.

Pasta and cheese (Mac and Cheese) with Baked Beans is a household favorite Saturdays at the Delaney’s!!!

Baked beans are comfort food. The deep rich flavour of the molasses , fat back pork, onions and flavourings remind me of my youth. Here is a simple but lengthy (time wise) recipe of my baked beans.

Ingredients :

900 g White Navy Beans
250 g Fancy Molasses
1 cup Cured pork scrunchions (Fat back)
1 medium onion
2 tbs ketchup
2 tbs Mustard
2 slices of bacon (optional but recommended)
tsp pepper
1 litre water (during the cooking process you will need to add more water from time to time, when doing so make sure you boil the kettle and add hot water, not cold) BTW don’t drain the water from the beans when the hour is up, they hold plenty of flavour and is your base and you continue.

Boil beans for a hour, then add onions, fat back, a little over half a container of molasses 275 g,  ketchup and mustard, tsp pepper, then low and slow in oven. Ok there are two ways you can do this , low and slow 250 degrees 4-5 hours at least (my preference) or 350 for about 90 minutes. Low and slow you get a deeper colour and flavour , I actually make them at night and leave them in the over until morning. With the low temp you get little evaporation so you can sleep worry free and in the morning the house smells amazing. Enjoy!!

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