Happy Easter Week Everyone!!

Easter is a good time to reflect and give thanks for what you have in life. Family, Friends, Health and I hope, good food .This year has been different for us, as I am sure with many of you , Covid is in the house which means our children need to say away for their sake. My wife Lisa is just getting over it thankfully. It looks like I have escaped it so far.

During Easter break I have been having a wonderful time buying food locally , its always a good thing to support local. I have also enjoyed my time in the kitchen making some comfort food for my wife and I.
It is really a small inconvenience when you look at what so many have gone through these past two + years and of course what our Saviour went through and over came on Easter Sunday.

At one point I was not sure if I would be cooking fish for Good Friday , not knowing if my wife was up for it. A couple things unfolded, first a phone call from a friend who is a fisherman, just checking in to see if I was home. He wanted to drop off some cod which was certainly welcomed! I kind of think that was all that was needed to lift my wife’s spirits, or at least her apatite as she asked if we were going to have fish for supper.

That’s all the encouragement I needed to get the pan on and have a fish fry.

The fish was delicious, YUM!!!

Saturday was a time to hop aboard the car and get some provisions. I already had a turkey for Easter Sunday but we made the decision to preempt till next weekend. Comfort food was the order of the day!! Baked Beans was on the menu, brunch items, and I had a request from my bride for some homemade chicken fingers and home cut fries .

I started off with a trip to Victoria to check out Omiachi Meat Shop. This place is one of my go to places for sausage, bacon, pre-made meat balls, steaks and now….salt meat. If you do not follow this please click the link to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/omiachimeatshop and like so you do not miss their deals.

Now back to the kitchen and the chicken fingers and home cut fries for me bride.

Home Made Chicken Fingers are simple and awesome. Chicken breast, cut into strips, marinated in milk, salt, garlic powder and pepper. The breading was whole wheat flour, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, oregano , paprika, and celery salt. Chicken goes to the flour mixture, then back in the milk then back in flour, then BAM , into the fryer for 7 minutes (350 degrees) . My tangy BBQ sauce can be found on my food blog, Just a Foodie https://justafoodie.wordpress.com/recipes/
Of course I had to make my baked beans, especially for Easter Saturday!! These are a favorite in our house , and in others (lol) . If you would like to try them you can find the recipe here https://justafoodie.wordpress.com/recipes/
Sunday brunch for me bride , baked beans, ham, hash-browns, boiled egg and Jamie’s Sourdough Bread from Powell’s Supermarket!! Yum!!!
Nothing like some turkey wings slow baked in the oven, and yes, home fries again, but as long as she is eating and getting her strength back she can have them three times a day!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter break , weather is warming ( a little) and I will soon be talking about festivals and flowers!!! But first, a catch up turkey day next weekend!!! Can’t wait!!

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