Merry Christmas (and Tibb’s Eve)Everyone!!


Well here we are, Tibb’s Eve 2017, only minutes away from Christmas Eve!!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Christmas is a special time for me and my family, we make sure our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed during this time of year. Having said that this year we found ourselves trying to play catch up. Today Lisa and I spent most of the day in the city shopping, yes , on Tibb’s Eve. That might seem a bit odd for me , but when I was young, this was the day we took our grandfather to Hr. Grace to get some “provisions” this also included him purchasing spirits for Christmas. Tibb’s Eve now seems to have ballooned into a booze fest, in our household’s it was a time for sampling, to ensure everything was ready, to ensure the baked goods tasted just right for the friends and family who would come for a visit. Don’t get me wrong, it was also a time to sample spirits, but you need to put it in context, back 40-50 years ago and even earlier, real liquor was hard to come but , due to economics and availability. So calling it a booze day is a new day sort of thing in my opinion.

If you would like to learn more about our tradition please visit my other blog and some of my stories on Tibb’s Eve and Christmas Eve as well as my new You Tube post of my recording Scarlet Ribbons!!






Hi everyone,

I have finally had a chance to update my website . take a moment to explore!! I will be adding new information on my travels and food experiences over the coming weeks!!

I have added a page on gardening as we have two vegetable/floral gardens in Bay Roberts. I will also be posting pictures of my own garden this fall.

I am so looking forward to getting back to sharing my interests with you all!! I bet if you are close to my age you will have no trouble identifying with the picture above. I visited the 150 Mosaic in Gatineau Quebec last month during the Communities in Bloom Symposium. It is a must see. I hope the petition that I signed will prompt them to do it again next year!!


St. Patrick’s Day, then now and then!!

As most of you know I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It is a time to get together with good , friends food and drink. This particular blog is a toast to all the wonderful memories I have of March 17th as well as the people of Ireland.

Tommy Makem

This first picture is a blast from the past, our group, Erin’s Call got to open for Irish Legend Tommy Makem. Thanks Leo Puddister of  Unicorn Promotions for giving us that opportunity, happy 25th Anniversary!!.

Last Good Friday I got to finally meet the Harrington Brothers with My family. Fine gentlemen, Derrick passed away a few weeks back, amazing talent now gone, RIP.
Derrick and my Wife Lisa Celebrated their birthdays together last year.



My mother and father in law are always up for some St. Patrick’s Day Fun


My sis in law was the birthday girl at this years St. Patrick’s Day Party, Happy Birthday!!


Music has always been part of ur household, especially during St. Patrick’s Day. Kaegan has always liked the drums as you can see in one of our first jam sessions with uncle Barry. Jenna Bowering has honed her fiddle skills and can play at the drop of a hat!!

Ireland 392

A full Irish breakfast in Cork, it was amazing.

Ireland 279

The Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare . majestic, I will never forget having the opportunity to fly over this wonder of the world in a helicopter thanks to the Irish Coast Guard.



Ireland 264


Gus O’Connor’s in Doolin was a great place for the Craic, sessions galore and the people were up for a time with a bunch form the Rock.

Blarney Castle was a visit of a life time, thanks to Vinny for taking us!! Loved this post describing the difference between Baloney and Blarney. Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Everyone


Happy New Year Everyone!!!


2016 is here and I am so looking forward to it!! there is plenty to see and do and I look forward to sharing my writings, travels and food with you this year. Please check back over the coming weeks as I launch some exciting event!! Make sure to check out my site and all my blogs!!

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