What might not of been if what was on this memorial were true. Happy Birthday Pop!!



During our summer vacation our family decided to visit the Bonavista Peninsula. I wanted to visit a memorial in the community of Trinity where my grandfather was listed as fallen in France. I am so happy that this was not true, as if it were, our family lines would not have come to be. It is interesting to think of it in that perspective, if pop did fall in France, there would be no Hurdle clan in Hr. Grace and thus no Delaney Clan in Bay Roberts. Our grandfather actually returned home, met the love of his life and settled in Riverhead, Hr. Grace. The memorial Kaegan and I  are standing by listed him as fallen.


I am not sure of the whole story of where he was actually stationed and why the mix up, maybe one of my Aunts or Uncles can explain in the comments section.



November 11th is a day of remembrance in Canada, a day to reflect and give thanks to those who sacrificed to ensure we have a future. Many did not return, but in our case pop did and for that there are many family members who are truly thankful for that. November 11th was also pops birthday . I still take the opportunity to visit his grave site and wish him a happy birthday and reflect on how lucky we were that he survived and that we had him in our lives .

Lest we Forget