My Blogs

Delaney’s Rant Blog

I started blogging in 2007. I thought it was a great way to express myself , to share my thoughts – the good and the bad (mostly good). The blog is an eclectic collection of holiday observances, rants, and current events – anything goes here.

Please follow this link and have a look for yourself

Chef Steven Gugelmeier at the Delta St. John's

Executive Chef Steven Gugelmeier from the Delta St. John’s

Just a Foodie

I love food: cooking it, planning events surrounding it, eating it and,  as I have recently discovered, writing about it. I have been a fan of the culinary arts since I was a boy, but really started experimenting with food about 27 or 28 years ago in college and subsequently when I started my first job away from home in Burin, NL. Since then I have created many recipes, cooked for charity fundraisers, and began reviewing many restaurants throughout Canada. This particular blog is a collection of my food passions. If you share the same passion for food,  I think you will enjoy Just a Foodie.

I have also added a micro food blog for short restaurant reviews


My Newfoundland Christmas

I simply love the Christmas season, please join me as I write about my Christmas experiences.



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